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VanTharp Institute – Bear Market Strategies eLearning Course

VanTharp Institute – Bear Market Strategies eLearning Course
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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

Is This an E-Course?
This is not a produced e-learning course. This is a video-on-demand course. It is a recording of the live presentation including pdf versions of the slides.
What Is Covered
Workshop Objectives are to ensure you are prepared to prosper in a bear market.
Specifically, you will:
Study in-depth the concept of a bear market.
Learn what a bear market truly is and learn several ways to define and measure the bear market type.
Know when a bear market type might be starting and how to know when it might end.
Learn several different trading strategies suited for bear market conditions.
Learn how options and hedging can be especially useful for bear market types.
In this three-day workshop recording you will:
Outline a big picture view of bear markets and where we may be now – from a big picture, historic viewpoint.
Identify and define bear markets using various methodologies.
Understand the psychology of bear markets and the personal psychology required for you to benefit from them
Hear first-hand trading experiences of bear markets
Japan’s lost decade in the 90s,
Oil, 2014-2015
Understand basic options strategies useful in bear markets
Understand some basic hedging strategies
Understand how to be prepared to trade bear markets
A Systems development process plan
Outlining your objectives for bear markets
Position Sizing Strategies for bear markets
Don’t Worry! The Chances Are Still There, Waiting For You! – Bear Market Strategies eLearning Course by Van Tharp Institute
Depressing ambience caused by the pandemic leads to the worry about such bearish situations will be like the 2008 – 2009 crisis. Bear Market Strategies eLearning Course by Van Tharp Institute soothes you down with the optimistic perspectives drawn from the objective analysis of historic trading. The big picture of trading is shown by the explicit explanation of what the insights and messages of such downturns are. The chances are still there, waiting for you, which is interpreted by Kirk Cooper, the member of Super Trader Program by Van Tharp Institute and now the instructor of Bear Market Strategies eLearning Course.
The case studies are diversified by the deep dives in the trading market of 1987, 1998, 2000, 2008. Moreover, the borders are expanded to the Japan market in the situations of lost periods in the 90s, and the oil instruments from 2014 to 2015. After thorough research from the historic viewpoint, Kirk walks you through the recognition of bearish patterns so you can quickly identify the upcoming bearish trends or stages. You will gain access to a wide range of methods and techniques for running proper analysis, which is a prelude to the next steps to settle your mischievous ‘teddy bear’ down.
What Does Your Mischievous ‘Teddy Bear’ Need To Be Settled Down? – Bear Market Strategies eLearning Course by Van Tharp Institute
After understanding the bearish market and its behaviours with the aid of the valuable insights into the historic case studies, Kirk Cooper provides you the guideline to come up with the trading setups in the Bear Market Strategies eLearning Course by Van Tharp Institute. The basic options strategies are shared as open books with the explicit explanation to minimize the risks while the profits keep its stable flow. Moreover, you will learn about hedging strategies at the fundamental level. The crisis is no longer a crisis as long as you have a systematic approach to build up your planning. Bear Market Strategies eLearning Course by Van Tharp Institute shows you how to prepare for the bearish trends, with the ingredients generated by the insights from the analysis. The position sizing strategies are also instructed in the course as the finishing touch to the preparation for such a mischievous but sad “Teddy Bear”!
Kirk Cooper and Van Tharp Institute
Van Tharp Institute
Over 25 years of working in the finance industry, Kirk Cooper is one of the top financial experts. Kirk co-founded a hedge fund in Canada, with expertise in Quantitative investing. Kirk Cooper has developed the systematic trading process for consistent profitability along the way, which are now shared online with the handshake with Van Tharp Institute.
As one of the oldest trading education platforms, Van Tharp Institute has proved why it is still getting popularity and reliability from the trading community. The courses of Van Tharp Institute are designed and instructed by the top trading experts who can share with you the cores and applicable practices to the actual trading.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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