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Warrior Trading – Trader Rehab (2022)

Warrior Trading – Trader Rehab (2022)
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Every trader will inevitability face challenges during their career. Some will hit a rough patch right out of the gate. Others will hit one as they move to real money from a simulator, and some further along in the journey. Or, even more commonly, traders will hit bumps in the road multiple times.
Having some knowledge in your back pocket for recognizing challenges and what to do can be powerful. This course focuses on some methods for approaching these challenges when they occur, whenever that may be for you.
The next page will provide you with the Trader Rehab PDF, which encompasses the 5 chapters in this course. The videos that follow can be watched alongside the PDF, or after reading the PDF — whichever you prefer. Ted and Ross will discuss the topics that the PDF covers while sharing personal experiences and insights.
This course was just recently taught live on December 31, 2021. We are aiming to add additional resources for members, such as worksheets that you can use to reflect on your own experience. Stay tuned to the “What’s New: Content Updates” page on the Member’s Dashboard to stay up to date with new content!
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