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The HV7 Option Trading System – Aeromir

The HV7 Option Trading System – Aeromir
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Author: Aeromir
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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"


The HV7 Option Trading System takes you through the perspective of a professional trader and shows you what is in her mind when making decisions. Coming from the same author of other trading systems such as The A14 Weekly Options Strategy, The HV7 Option Trading System targets and considers signals from the movements of the market to whether to make a trade entry/ exit. This system is paired with strategies based on weekly options trading signals that are specially set up for taking advantage of the moment volatility strikes.
The HV7 Option Trading System will clear out your fear of initiating trades with short-term options trade strategies for high volatility markets. The system is absurdly simple with a basic setup and order at entry. Although no adjustment required, The HV7 Option Trading System still offers you other setups for lower margins to meet your trading needs, making it extremely valuable for small accounts aiming for high returns.
Course outline

  • The HV7 Option Trading System
  • User manual on how to use the system

What will you learn?

  • When to enter a trade with HV7 entry signals
  • How to set up the HV7 trade position step-by-step
  • Additional different versions for setting up for lower margins
  • Trade entry/ exit using the GTC orders
  • A 10-year worth of numerous extensively backtested case studies

Who is this course for?
The HV7 Option Trading System is perfect for traders of all levels, no matter the size of their accounts, looking for advice and insights to make high profits even during the high volatility events.
Additional Information

The HV7 Option Trading System is for educational purposes only. The system is intended for providing information on how the author trades, therefore showing you examples and case studies that can be instantly applied to your deals.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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