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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"


The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"
There Are Two Types of People in Life:
1.The ones that play by the rules and accept the status quo and
2.The ones who know there is far more to reality than meets the eye
If you are in the first group, you can stop reading now.
Because what I am about to share is only for those who are open to experiencing a level of reality that most people believe is impossible…
And I need you to stick with me.
This is important.
Don’t get distracted and be
sure to read everything below.
My name is Justin Faerman.
And for the last 16 years, I have secretly been collecting the most advanced health + consciousness expanding technologies, practices and medicines available on the planet.
Coming off the back of intense biochemical depression and extreme food allergies at age 19 that were sucking all the joy out of my life, I had no choice but to set off on an epic journey to heal myself and reach the peak levels of happiness, health, wellness and flow that I knew deep down were possible.
It was either that or settle for a miserable existence, and I wasn’t prepared to do that.
The now 15 year odyssey that this decision sent me on led me to spending literally tens of thousands of hours researching, studying and experimenting with a huge spectrum of healing technologies that the vast majority of people have no idea even exist and yet represent some of the most significant advancements in medicine that are available at this time.
And what an incredible ride it’s been… little did I know that my quest just to feel ‘normal’ would eventually evolve into a journey deep into the realms of superhuman abilities, being mentored by master spiritual teachers and world leaders, and ultimately the pursuit of enlightenment and higher consciousness.
After trying every single ‘conventional’ therapy available (i.e. antidepressants and medications of all sorts) and realizing they were band-aids at best, I decided to give the holistic route a try after reading a book about people who had successfully healed themselves with natural medicine.
This led me to get in contact with a naturopathic doctor in the area which ended up being a rocket ship into higher consciousness.
Turned out the guy I chose to work with had spent many years studying in the high Himalayas with an ancient lineage of Tantric masters and was one of the forefathers of the modern day biodynamics and raw food movements.
I was so hungry to get better and willing to try anything that within a few weeks after getting off antidepressants and quitting fast food I was meditating for upwards of an hour a day, eating an all organic, mostly raw diet of superfoods and running advanced energy circuits in my body from esoteric Taoist and Yogic lineages.
Needless to say my depression was cured almost instantly and my days had turned from marathons of despair and hopelessness into almost continuous experiences of waves of bliss and subtle energy rolling over my body as my consciousness dipped in and out of profoundly deep states of non-dual awareness.
To say it was profoundly life changing would be an understatement.
All of these experiences quickly made me realize that I had found THE WAY. ‘The Way’ being the path of holistic and natural medicine, deep healing work and the pursuit of higher consciousness.
And pursue it I did.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"
For the next six years, I spent nearly every waking minute and dollar I had reading, searching for and experimenting with anything related to ‘The Way’, going down so many health rabbit holes and spiritual paths that I wondered at times if it ever would end.
My body and mind were the laboratory and how I lived my life was the experiment.
I personally tried well over a thousand combined different herbs, supplements, natural medicines, healing modalities and spiritual practices from nearly every tradition and philosophy on the planet.
It was getting expensive and my passion for all if it was only increasing with each passing week so I figured it would be a good move to simply work in an industry where I would have an easier time getting my hands on these types of things.
So while finishing my degree studying renewable energy and organic farming, I got a job in a health food store supplement department (great place to meet healers and geek out on natural medicine, fyi) that basically gave me unlimited access to any supplement and natural product I wanted for free and had me meeting all the best healers in the area. And here in Santa Barbara, there are some of the world’s best.
I tried as many natural medicines and modalities as I could get my hands on.
I learned what worked and what didn’t, how to identify quality and most importantly about the all the really advanced stuff that not many people knew about. People who shopped there told me I was more knowledgeable than their expensive naturopaths, and I was even considering becoming one at the time.
Then late one night in 2010 things got even wilder as I was initiated into the next phase of my journey in a ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears’ type moment.
One of the most remarkable people I have ever met walked in looking for a supplement, we got to talking and next thing I know he was inviting me to be personally mentored by him as he could sense there was something different about me than most people he came across.
Little did I know what was about to unfold.
You see John was a master of reality. Literally.
Besides the fact that he was extraordinarily successful by conventional means (he personally mentored and coached the world’s wealthiest families, ran consciousness-based training programs at top universities and ivy league schools and was offered upwards of $50 million dollars per year for his services at various points), I watched him consistently bend and create reality with his intention and thoughts at levels that would make most people’s jaw hit the floor.
We are talking virtually instant manifestation from thought into form.
It was an incredible time in my life. I was making quantum leaps in my growth every month while working with him. He taught me his deepest insights into metaphysics and the nature of reality, and I shared with him all the advanced health and wellness technologies I had amassed that he loved acquiring and experimenting with. Synergy at its finest.
And as wild as my time with John was. It was only the tip of the iceberg.
I literally thought that was as good as it could get at the time, but in the years that followed I went on to receive another initiation into an even more advanced discipline that even John had not yet mastered: the development of full blown psychic and intuitive abilities.
In another ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears’ moment, my paths crossed with someone who I am not at liberty to name but that put me through a rigorous, 6-month personal mentorship in developing and honing advanced psychic capacities.
This individual could literally read your mind and everything else about you to an at times unsettlingly accurate level. It was intense and ego-shattering, but ultimately profound in countless ways and gave me the foundational intuitional skills that have served me extraordinarily well on my journey.
After having ongoing extraordinary experiences like this month after month for years on end, I knew I had to start sharing some of what I had learned with those who were interested in developing into their full capacity as multidimensional human beings and truly thriving on every level.
So I started a website sharing about what I had learned that became very popular. So popular, that I became like a beacon of light for advanced healing and consciousness expanding technologies of all flavors that were being developed or rediscovered by an array of researchers, doctors and savants from around the world.
They started reaching out to me and suddenly every week I was receiving dozens of emails with details on new breakthroughs in natural medicine, aging sciences, neuroscience-based therapies, energy medicine, quantum technologies, ancient esoteric and alchemical medicines and far more that people thought I should know about because I was suddenly ‘that guy’ at the nexus of this space.
I thought I had discovered some pretty amazing things on my journey up until that point, but what I learned in the years running that site made my head spin:
I suddenly had a direct connection to an ultra successful entrepreneur who was working closely with immortal siddhar yogis living in the jungles of India who were supplying him with ancient Ayurvedic alchemical medicines made from precious gemstones and sacred herbs that activated higher consciousness and spiritual awareness due to the resonances they carried.
I received new packages from him every time we got together with rare medicines that hadn’t been available to anyone outside their lineage in over five thousand years.
Another gentleman who specialized in obtaining the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging medicine turned me on to an entirely new emerging class of supplements that can literally undo 30 years of aging in a week by resetting your genetic clock to the equivalent of your teenage years.
And these are just the things I can talk about publicly.
All of this only increased when I eventually launched Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, which was even more popular and successful than my first site. For the last 6 years, the best and the brightest from around the world have been passing along things they think we should know about as beacons for higher consciousness on the planet.
Quite frankly, the last few years have been the wildest of all, where I have been able to obtain and learn about some mind-blowing technologies that are coming online as we begin to enter the singularity, like:
+ A breakthrough natural supplement that helps put you into an almost instant flow state and works to rapidly regenerate and heal the most critical systems in your body at deep levels in as little as a week and has the ‘side effect’ of optimizing your neurochemistry for greater focus, happiness and joy.
+ A new class of natural compounds that has been under intensive research + development for the last 20+ years and tested on hundreds of thousands of people worldwide that has been shown to extended lifespan by up to 30% (this is not nad+ or pqq but something much more potent).
And that’s just one of over 20 different types of these compounds, each one targeting a different system and organ in the body for ultra-rapid repair and regeneration in as little as one week.
+ Devices that are able to create a sustained quantum flux that allows higher dimensional energy to stream into your environment and that produces an array of incredible effects from being able to literally erase the energetic patterns that cause negative thoughts to amplifying psychic abilities to regenerating the body so powerfully that it can undo certain types of surgery.
+ Ancient and very rare alchemical medicines that activate higher levels of consciousness and were once kept as highly guarded secrets but have now been authorized to be released widely to support the evolution and healing of humanity in the coming years and decades.
And far, far more.
For the last few years I have been quietly sharing many of these with my closest friends, family and clients, in part because it wasn’t yet appropriate to share them widely for various reasons and also because I was nervous about publicly talking about things that were so esoteric and many would view as unbelievable or ‘out there’…
…but it has become clear to me that it’s time to get these things out to more people, particularly those seeking to have a positive impact in the world so they can do their work more effectively and effortlessly for the good of us all.
We are up against some extreme health- and consciousness- deteriorating forces at the moment that are making it hard for many people with pure motives and desires to thrive and do what they need to do, and the knowledge that I am carrying in this regard can help make that journey infinitely easier and thus can accelerate the rate of positive change we all experience.
I cannot even begin to tell you how incredibly powerful these protocols are… the last 15 people I have shared them with have all had almost instant life-changing gains in their wellbeing…
Like Lars King who I put on a very basic protocol when he came to live with us last year and who started experiencing waves of euphoria and bliss on the first day that lasted for months on end.
Or like Daniel Raphael who has been publically sharing lately how some of the things I mentioned above have literally shifted him into one of the best months of of his life and allowed him to finally stabilize his ultra sensitive, highly empathic nervous system so he can be more centered and productive.
And a colleague of mine, don Oscar Miro-Quesada, a master shaman in kamasqa and altomisayoq lineages who has spent nearly 50 years working with indigenous tribes and medicine traditions in Peru and Amazonas who took a special blend of 111 different rare plants and alchemical medicines I made that he said ‘opened his psychic channels and expanded his consciousness more powerfully and quickly’ than almost anything else he had ever experienced.
And finally a good friend in his late 50’s who recently tried just one of the breakthrough supplements referenced above who has had his declining hormones restored to youthful levels naturally and rapidly (verified by lab testing) and is now experiencing heightened energy, vigor and strength at whole new levels since beginning the protocol.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"
The list goes on and on.
And so, here we are.
It’s time for the wayshowers to have access to these tools. If you are reading this post, then that may very well be you.
And this is why Daniel Raphael—a dear, very gifted brother who has had a very similar path to my own, leading him through many almost identical experiences to amass his own advanced library of such technologies and practices—are teaming up to bring these out to our communities as the first wave of evolutionaries to get metaphysically hooked up with these incredible advancements.
However, they are so powerful that it is not appropriate or responsible of us to simply release them into the world without the proper training and context.
While they are totally safe, they need to be treated with the respect and sacredness they deserve and to do that in integrity, there is some education required to use and handle the deep healing and transformation they produce properly.
And so to be able to offer the necessary amount of support, guidance and coaching needed to obtain and integrate them fully into your life and receive maximum benefit, we have decided to create the Limitless Codex—a special online training where we will be sharing much of the best of what we’ve discovered on our collective 27 years of searching the world for the most powerful upgrades available to help someone become truly limitless.
This course will be a deep dive into activating your full potential and superhuman capacity on every level going through the mind, brain, body, health, emotions, spirit, extrasensory perception, flow, environmental and energetic optimization and ultimately advanced skills for creating your reality at masterful levels.
This journey will take place over 7 in-depth modules released at a pace of once per week starting from the day you register and will include resources on:
Module 1 – Supercharging Your Body + Health
To kick things off, we are going to be sharing all of our most powerful practices, medicines and technologies for rapidly healing and repairing the body, reversing disease, supercharging your health, mood and physical performance and significantly extending lifespan.
After 26+ years of combined research, study and experimentation into a huge breadth of health technologies at the cutting-edges of natural medicine, biohacking, genomics, the aging sciences and far more, we have access to some of the most advanced and extraordinary breakthroughs in modern medicine that can elevate your health into the realm of the superhuman.
These are all natural supplements and technologies that are backed by decades of research and have secretly been used by elite athletes and doctors worldwide to reach peak states of health and wellbeing and have only recently become available to the public.
Module 2 – Mastering Your Mind + Brain
This week is going to be all about the mind + brain and we’ll be sharing some of our most powerful and effective resources for increasing intelligence, IQ, learning speed, intuition and memory, optimizing brain function, regenerating and strengthening the brain and nervous system, reprogramming you out of bad habits and negative thought patterns and more…
Module 3 – Activating Extrasensory Perception + Intuition
This week we’ll be sharing some very potent tools for activating psychic abilities ranging from highly expanded intuitional capacity to the ability to read into the future, become telepathic and far more. This is going to include both practices, resources and special alchemical medicines and supplements for activating the psychic glands and various aspects of your body, mind, energy bodies and spirit into the realm of superhuman experience.
Module 4 – Environmental Optimization
We live in a largely toxic world that is not optimized for the health and wellbeing of the human body. To really thrive and stay in flow in today’s EMF and chemical laden environment, special measures and technologies are needed to restore harmony within your nervous system, gut microbiome, energy bodies, brain, organs and systems of elimination. This week, we’ll be covering our favorite and most effective resources for keeping yourself protected and thriving no matter what environment you are in and no matter how intense the health deteriorating forces you are up against.
Module 5 – Mastering the Art & Science of Manifestation
This week we are going to be diving into advanced reality creation practices covering everything you need to know to get into the 1% of master reality architects and literally begin to create anything you want at record speed with extremely high consistency and accuracy.
We’ll be sharing powerful tools and technologies to optimize your mind and brain to put you in the optimal state for translating your thoughts, visions and intentions into physical form effortlessly.
We’ll also be covering both ancient, esoteric practices as well as cutting-edge, quantum-science based techniques developed by consciousness researchers in recent years that have been extensively real world tested to work reliably.
Module 6 – Activating Higher Spiritual Consciousness
This week we’ll be sharing a number of spiritually activating practices, medicines and technologies. These are powerful accelerants into higher levels of consciousness that open the doors of perception into higher levels of reality and awareness.
Many of the things we’ll be talking about this week are extremely rare, powerful, highly esoteric and have only recently been rediscovered and been made available publicly via limited sources and channels which we have access to and have been authorized to share.
Module 7 – Balancing Your Bio-Energetics
If you have been staying up to date on the cutting edge of quantum mechanics, you’ll know that everything that exists is fundamentally composed of energy and if you want to truly thrive on every level and reach peak levels of health and consciousness, the energetic layer of your body, mind and spirit also needs to be optimized.
This week we’ll be diving into our best practices, tools and technologies for restoring energetic health, supercharging your energy bodies and as always, developing everything into the realm of superhuman capacity.
What’s Included + How The Course Will be Held
Each week for 7 consecutive weeks starting on the day you join, a new module of the training will be released that includes a comprehensive video training as well in-depth notes covering:
+ How to use and obtain all of the supplements, tools and technologies we’ve discovered for reversing disease and supercharging your health to peak levels
+ Advanced practices and techniques for unlocking higher consciousness and latent intuitive, psychic and superhuman abilities
+ Lifetime access to our global Facebook community group for ongoing support, answers to your questions and updates on new things we discover so we can help you fine tune everything to your needs and situation. This is an incredible collection of likeminded people who openly share resources, insights and friendship with everyone in the community.
+ Plus experiential activations to embody and integrate what you are learning (and a few special bonuses as well from master teachers that we bring in from time to time)
We are keeping public details scarce and only opening this to a very limited number of people as some of the things we will be sharing are:
a) only available in limited quantities and we want to make sure everyone who participates can have access to these breakthroughs and
b) are things that are best kept low profile since they threaten the interests of major companies and organizations that have a vested interest in keeping you sick, disempowered and out of flow.
If this sounds like something you want to be part of, then please join us by signing up at the link below:
The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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